Vehicle valuations
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Enter your vehicle registration, tap Get Valuation. It couldn't be easier.
You get 3 free (basic) valuations per day, but at any time you can use our simple In-App purchase option to view a full vehicle valuation..

Search Screen

Free valuations
beautifully presented

With a free (basic) valuation we show you the indicative Lowest and Highest valuation for your vehicle.
With a full / premium valuation* we show you valuations for separate market sectors.

*In-App purchase required for a full valuation.

Free Valuation

Premium valuations* with detailed market sector valuations

With a full valuation, we show you the vehicles valuation across various resale sectors. From Trade, Retail, Private and Auction. Edit the mileage to collect an updated valuation based on the vehicles actual mileage.

*In-App purchase required for a full valuation.

Full Valuation 1

Premium valuations* with enhanced valuation data.

View even more vehicle valuation metrics from a Premium valuation.

*In-App purchase required for a full valuation.

Full Valuation 2

Your search history managed and stored on your devices.

Quickly search and go back to your previously searched vehicles from your device.

Search History
Free Valuation
Edit Mileage

Valuations Made Easy

With the VDI Valuation App you have 3 free valuations per day*, or the option to purchase a full, more detailed valuation for your vehicle. Simply enter your vehicles registration (VRM), and tap the 'Get Valuation' button.

Using our advanced and secure vehicle servers, we collect and organise the valuation details for the requested vehicle using a subset of data from VDI Check** vehicle technology.

*Resets at midnight, then you'll receive another 3 x free valuations

**VDI Valuation is powered by which forms part of the UK Vehicle Data Ltd brand family.

VDI Check Logo

App Features

Accurate market value valuations, beautifully presented in your hand. The VDI Valuation App is the quickest way for you to collect your vehicles current market value. Using our vehicle data systems, you'll love how quick and effortless we present your vehicles data to you.

*Image below reflects a full-premium valuation, available as an in-app purchase, or the use of in-app purchased valuation credits. All valuation figures shown are for demonstration purposes only.

Easy to Use

We made the VDI Valuation App to be incredibly easy to use, but provide you with powerful data.


Beautifully Designed

We take great pride in our quality of service and in our quality of presentation for your vehicle data.


Free Basic Searches

Get 3 free basic valuations per day on us. We'll reset your free search count at midnight, ready for the following day.


Premimum Searches

Upgrade you free/basic valuation at any time to a full premimum search. You'll then get access to detailed market sector valuations.


Valuation Export

Export a beautifully designed valuation to your device. With a VDI Valuation account, you can even request the valuation to be sent to your email.


Device Sync

Create a VDI Valuation account and synchronise your searched vehicles across all your devices.


Mileage Update

Edit your vehicles mileage to collect an accurate and updated vehicle valuation data.


Mileage History

View a chart showing your vehicles valuation over various mileage adjustments.


Search History

Quickly access and view your previous searches, you can then update the vehicles mileage, or collect a full valuation for more details.


VDI Valuation Account

Create an account to receive email notifications and access to discounted premium search credits*. (Discounted in-app purchase for bulk valuations).


VDI Valuation Logo

Premium Valuations

Purchase a Premium valuation from £0.79p, to see detailed market sector valuations instantly for your vehicle. With a VDI Valuation Account (setup within the App), you can even purchase bulk Premium Valuations at an amazing discount.


Create a VDI Valuation Account

Creating a VDI Valuation account is quick, simple and secure. We do not use or share your details with any 3rd parties, and we promise to only send you emails you will want to receive. Email & Password details are highly secured and hashed using the latest encryption technology available, for peace of mind.

With an account you gain access to additional features, we're sure you'll love.

Valuation Emails

For full / premium Valuation, you'll recieve a beautifully formatted email, detailing your vehicles valuation information.


Purchase Valuation Credits

Account holders can purchase bulk valuation credits at an amazing discount. Use your Valuation Credits to perform Premium Valuation lookups, or upgrade your previous free/basic valuations to show the full market sector valuation data.


Device Synchronise

Sign into your VDI Valuation account on multiple devices and synchronise your searched vehicles to all of your devices.


VDI Valuation Lookup Pricing

We've tried to make the whole process as simple as possible. For a FREE Valuation, you can request 3 valuations per day - for the basic valuation information. For PREMIUM Valuations it's a single in-app purchase - either from the Search Screen, or as an upgrade to a previous Free Valuation. For users wanting to value large quantities of vehicles, we have the in-app Credits option, available to all Account holders.

See the tables below for what the in-app purchases cost, and what vehicle details you will receive.

Free Lookup

  • Free Valuation data
  • Indicative Valuation range:
  • Lowest Valuation
  • Highest Valuation
  • 3 x Free Lookups p/day
  • 3 x Mileage Adjustments p/vehicle
  • Export to device


Per Free Valuation


  • Same as Free Lookup
  • PLUS Valuations for
  • Franchise Dealer, Trade Retail
  • Suggested Auction Value
  • Trade Sale, Trade Poor
  • Part Exchange value
  • Private Clean, Private Average


Per Full Valuation

Account Credits

  • Same as Free & Premium
  • PLUS
  • Email valuations
  • Discounted Premium lookups
  • Vehicle Data Synchronise
  • Restore lookups on devices
  • Access to offers & vouchers


Per Full Valuation*

*Account Credits: When purchasing a pack of 10 x Valuation Credits at £5.99 per pack. A single credit can then be used to request a FULL Premium Valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions and answers to help you use the VDI Valuation App.

A free valuation shows an indicative valuation range; including the Lowest and Highest values from Trade and Private valuations.
Premium Valuation extended details

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